Welcome to Choudhary ITI

Dear Student,

We welcome you to the CHOUDHARY Private Industrial Training Institute and look forward to fulfilling the aspirations with which you have enrolled for our courses.
We are pleased to assure you of our constant and best attention throughout the duration of the Course/Programme.
CHOUDHARY Private Industrial Training Institute hopes to bring top quality education to you with rigorous study schedules.

Our training centre is well equipped to provide you with the best that the training industry has to offer by way of infrastructure, well trained faculty and well developed teaching methodologies. We hope you will derive maximum benefit from our courses and go back with a sense of pride, achievement and fulfillment after you have successfully completed the course.

Accordingly, we also expect that you will always be up to our standards in seriousness in your education, discipline as a student and proud of being a part of growing family of CHOUDHARY Industrial Training Centre.

Wishing you all the best,

Here at Choudhary ITI we are committed to the best. Our enthusiasm and ambition is unsurpassed. The level of energy of our teachers and staff is well matched by the vibrancy of our student body and community at large. We are a Institute that is reaching for the stars --come and join us in our quest to become one of the premier industrial training in the region.
We pays special attention to needs of students with learning difficulties through sustained attention provided by specially trained staff.


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